Welcome to the … DANGER ZONE!

Finished making my first game with the Unity game engine last night. It’s an arcade style space shooter called DANGER ZONE. Overall I was really impressed by how at how well documented Unity is and how straightforward the tools are for making game objects, interactions etc.

Click the image below or the link above to play. Unfortunately you’ll need to download the Unity plugin to play the game in your web browser. Use your keyboard arrows to maneuver the space craft as you enter the asteroid danger field. Use your mouse clicker to shoot laser beams.


One takeaway from this experience is that game dev requires an extremely broad range of skills. Programming was only used for the backend logic and it didn’t even take that much time for a relatively simple game like this. I spent way more time/effort on lighting, shading, and rendering. Mad respect for indie game developers as a profession and how they are able to blend so many skills together.

I was pleasantly surprised though to learn that Unity includes a store with tons of high quality assets for sale. Many of which are sold at my favorite price. FREE!

However it’s unfortunate that Unity is not preloaded on most browsers because I think having to download the plugin is a major friction point for consumers and this likely prevents a lot of web developers from adopting the platform.

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