The Key Ingredient to Success


Dag’s the guy on the left

I went to a talk a few days ago by Dag Kittlaus, founder and CEO of Siri, the voice app that everybody has on their iphone. Up until about a year ago, Dag was also Director of Mobile Apps at Apple, despite not having a real technical background.

Besides just being a pretty awesome and down to earth dude, he was full of good insight about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. One thing Dag said in particular stood out in my mind, which I thought was worth reiterating here.  I don’t remember the exact lines, but the gist of it was…

In order to be successful, you need domain expertise in whatever field you are in. If you are starting a company developing voice recognition software, you need to become the foremost world’s expert on this subject. Then after you think you know everything there is to know, go seek out someone else recognized as the foremost expert in your domain and let them be your litmus test as to how much you still don’t know. Let them shoot down your ideas, poke holes in your logic, and basically tear you apart. Then go home and continue learning.

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