Testing Mobile Web Localization on the Iphone

Testing localization in a native app is relatively easy. All you need to do is change a language setting or app store location and you’re done. But what if you have an app that’s displaying localized information through a mobile web frame?

Why Localize on Mobile Web

For example: Apple uses different affiliate networks in different countries. If you have an app with a page that recommends other apps, you could improve monetization by signing up for the various affiliate networks and provide users with the correct link depending on what country they viewed the page from, localizing the content to a user’s specific country based on IP address.

Testing Mobile Web Localization

The following describes the easiest way I’ve found to test if mobile web localization on the iphone was implemented correctly.

1. Navigate to your iphone settings >> Wifi

2. Select your current internet network and press the blue arrow icon


3. Scroll down to HTTP Proxy and select “Manual”


4. Browse for the country settings you’d like to test for on a proxy list site. Note: since you’re using an HTML setting, avoid socks4/5 proxies

5. Test your app

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