Homeworld Heroes
A mobile trivia game I made with some friends at a game jam. The design employs basic rock, paper, scissor strategy and a saga progression system. We used Nodejs for the quiz engine and Unity for the game client.

Awkward Banana
I’ve started using LINE, the messaging app, a lot more recently to keep in touch with friends and family overseas. Awkward banana is a sticker set to jazz up those conversations!

Danger Zone!
I wanted to get more hands on with video game development. Danger Zone! is my first attempt at making a video game with the Unity game engine. All of the logic is in C#. Use your keyboard arrows to maneuver the space craft as you enter the asteroid danger field. Click your mouse to shoot laser beams.
This was a breakable toy I made with fellow Booth student Chris Liang in 2012. It was my first real foray into database backed programming. The site is built with ruby on rails and hosted on the cloud with Heroku. is a social network that lets people discover and share bucket list items. Our web app allows you to “add your life goals, share what you want, and just buck it.”
A startup I tried to launch in 2012 with classmates, Mike Bigrigg and Jon Hay. AthletifyMe is an online marketplace for people to list and find athletic coaching services. Over the course of 6 months, we pivoted from making diagnostic insoles for runners to telestration software for golfers. It was a pretty wild ride and I still think the idea has potential – I’ve even got the 50+ page business plan to support it. Unfortunately we never got the traction we’d hoped for. The site was hacked together by me using a random assortment of free software products, which include wordpress, powerchalk, and google apps.

A mobile applications company I started in 2010 with my high school buddy, Eugene. We focused on developing tools for professional development. After spending a year trying to teach myself objective C and how to use Xcode, we finally ended up outsourcing the development. The company was sold to a private investor in 2013. (Not a huge exit but enough to pay off my student loans. W00t!)

One of several affiliate sites I built in 2009 while learning about search engine marketing. I managed to get the site to rank #1 in Google for keywords such as “voice exercises” and “voice training.” At it’s peak the site was averaging around 300 visitors a day in organic traffic. Unfortunately Google is a hater and a series of search algorithm changes like the panda update ruined everything for me. A good run while it lasted though.