Code Academy Week 9

Finals are over, my first year of business school is done with, and I participated in my first hackathon this past weekend. Over the past 9 weeks, I definitely didn’t feel that I had enough time to dedicate to learning code as I would have liked. In fact, I was actually worried that compared to some of the other students, my team wouldn’t be able to make meaningful progress on our app. But the hackathon has been incredibly helpful.

This past weekend, Chris (the other backend developer on the team) and I spent the entire weekend working on the bucket list app. We spent a good 10-12 hours on Saturday and Sunday hacking away.

I’m not sure why, but for some reasons we decided to implement a nested resource in our app, thinking it would make the model structure easier. However this really tripped us up when it came time to figure out what variables needed to get passed through. Thankfully the Code Academy network pulled through once again and we were able to get help from our incredibly talented pool of mentors and classmates. I am immensely thankful to all of the different people who gave us advice this past weekend and helped us troubleshoot what I’m sure were some pretty stupid errors.

I’m quite pleased to say that by the end of sunday we actually had a functioning bucketlist prototype that allows users to create accounts, login, and start listing their bucket list items with images and detailed descriptions. There are still a ton of other features that we want to build in before I would feel comfortable unveiling it to the world on demo day but its been a great start and i’m pretty excited to be building this thing from scratch.

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