Code Academy Week 7

Today is Memorial Day and the weather is absolutely fabulous. One of those days that’s just perfect for going to the beach or doing anything outdoorsy in general. Too bad I’ve holed myself in a study room at Gleacher to study user authentication. At least I’m getting free air conditioning out of this…

It’s kinda startling how quickly I forget this material if I’m not constantly reviewing it. For example – I thought I had a good grasp of how params worked 3ish weeks ago, but then as soon as I started studying the sessions hash, I had to look up what params did again because I wasn’t completely sure exactly what was passed through. I’m sure there will be a tipping point where most of these commands get stored into my long term memory, I just don’t know when that time will be. But I hope it’s soon!

This weekend, I also met up with some peeps to develop our demo day app idea. This is going to be a product that a group of us work on, so that we actually have a tangible product in our portfolio by the end of class. I’m still thinking about my iphone marketing app on the side, but I’ve decided to fully commit myself to this for the next month or so, to better practice some of the skills I’m picking up.

The app is called MahBucketList and it’s going to be a web app that allows people to list and share bucket list items with their friends. We met with Tom this weekend, a CA alumni, who’s our scrum master and shepherding us through the agile development process. We put in a good hour coming up with user stories to define the features we wanted to include, and it was kinda scary how quickly the scope of the project ballooned. Fortunately we were able to narrow things down to the essential 20 or so items we felt would be reasonable to accomplish in the next month or so, and we entered the items into pivotaltracker to manage the project. Key items that I’m concerned about because I’m not so familiar with these topics yet are: join tables, callbacks, and hidden fields.

Ok back to work. Need to haul ass.

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