Code Academy Week 4

Going to try and keep this update short and sweet because it’s late and I’m tired. This week we learned about:

  1. Multiple representation
  2. Forms
  3. Partial forms
  4. Named routes
  5. Model validations
  6. Source control with git
  7. Deployment to Heroku

It really helped that I hauled ass last weekend to review everything because I feel somewhat caught up again. I was actually feeling pretty good working with forms, named routes, and whatnot – that is, until we jammed through git and Heroku. We went so fast through all the commands that it once again put me in a state of panic.

Meh, I’m starting to get a feel for this learning through pain process. I’ll just have to figure it out when I get there.

During our roundtable debrief this week, a few classmates made an interesting point about spending less time in class doing exercises. I was listening but semi-not-paying attention because I had to respond to an emergency email. But anyways, the gist of the comment was that some students want to spend less time working on review exercises in class and more time learning new things. I know there are quite a few students that came in either knowing some of this material already or are just learning it way faster than me. But Jeff – if you ever read any of this – I think we’re moving at a great pace!

I think the class is definitely moving fast enough where I’m constantly struggling and feeling kinda uncomfortable, but not so fast that I’m overwhelmed and want to give up. And the hour or so every Tuesday spent in review is extremely helpful in cementing the basics learned from the previous week into my brain.

We’re just 4 weeks into an 11 week course, with a shit ton more to learn, so I think it’s important to keep an even pace. Just my 2cents.

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