Code Academy Week 3

This past week was rough. Midterms + 45 page New Venture Challenge business plan due + prepping for several summer internship interviews = simply not enough hours in the day to put into practicing code academy stuff.

People at school keep asking why they haven’t seen me around. I’m starting to shun human contact because I need quiet to focus so that I can get everything done. This probably isn’t too healthy, but I made a commitment to myself and I’m just going to suck it up for the next 2 months and keep going.

On the bright side, the support group at CA has been fantastic. I get most of my CA studying done on the weekend. And a lot of times I get stuck and it takes me hours to track down where I made my mistake. Feels like I’m making progress too slow! So this past Saturday I went to 1871 in the afternoon, hoping there would be some other peeps working. There were. And what a difference it made! I revisited the ProblemChildApp that I didn’t finish from last tuesday and powered through it in record time with the help of some super friendly classmates. Key takeaway: I need to spend more of my free time there.

Last Tuesday’s class wasn’t so bad, but Thursday really kicked things up a notch. The POST, PUT, and DELETE methods confused the hell out of me. And maybe it was the lack of sleep from the previous few days, but I took terrible notes, so I didn’t have anything good to review either. And all the online explanations I found sucked.

Fortunately I caught another lucky break in having a super helpful mentor. I shot him an email over the weekend saying I flat out didn’t understand this stuff, and he replied with an extremely thorough explanation. No idea what I did to reap such good karma but I really lucked out getting paired up with Kevin. His explanation helped me out a lot. While I’m still not that comfortable with CRUD, at least I understand the logic now.

I am so glad this hell week is over, but also I have so much to be thankful for.

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