Code Academy Week 2

Week 2 of Code Academy done. The fire hose of information continues. I’ve been able to follow along for the most part with everything that’s been going on in class, but I’m still struggling a bit with the homework challenges. The hardest part for me so far has been to remember what syntax to use and where to use it.

I think a lot of the problems I’m having though can be resolved with more practice. I also need to get better at adopting “error driven programming,” a mindset they preach in class where you basically use the debug errors from your output to drive proper code. My natural tendency is still to close the error box and stare at what I wrote until I figure out what I did wrong. This is definitely not the most effective way to learn.

Altogether though, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how much I’ve learned over the past two weeks. What looked like pure gibberish to me just two weeks ago now kinda makes sense. I’m definitely not at the level where I can build a fully functioning web app yet, but I can at least decipher whats going on behind the scenes, and I can better understand some of the more technical explanations on stackoverflow.

What I did this week:

  1. Reviewed lists, arrays, hashes
  2. Learned how to create classes and instance variables
  3. Made a simple ruby program that simulated a bank account with deposit and withdrawal capabilities
  4. Made a basic shopping cart that printed out a receipt into html (this exercise needs to be revisited)
  5. Set up my rails development environment by reading Chapter 1 of the Hartl Ruby on Rails Tutorial
  6. Made my first rails app. A super ugly, clunky app that linked to a few Chicago landmarks

Oh man. There is still much to be learned.

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