Be a Producer, not a Consumer

Rule #1 to not being poor. Don’t spend more than you earn. I believe this same rule applies to work.

Everyday I’m inundated by information. I subscribe to 100+ RSS feeds. I’m on dozens of newsletters. But does consuming all of this information make me a better, more productive, better-educated person? Not really. I’ve realized that about 95% of the material I consume from these sources has little effect on my day-to-day life. It just sucks up a lot of my time and creates the illusion that I’m being productive.

Time and my mental capacity to focus are my most precious commodities, so spending this currency on such activities seems like a HUGE WASTE, and a great way to become poor in accomplishments.

While I do consider the habit of continual self improvement through education an important trait of success, and I also believe in the importance of staying informed – now I try to pick just one high quality resource and read that regularly. I’ve recently started to read The Economist every week because (1) it’s well written (2) it educates me on a broad range of issues in sufficient depth. I also browse¬†Inside Mobile Apps everyday¬†because it’s the best news aggregator that I’ve found for the mobile tech space.

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